Access conference materials

Free access

Materials for the 10th MINEX Eurasia Conference are provided free of charge to all registered participants through their personal accounts. Login and enter your credentials here.

Paid access

If you did not participate in the Conference or did not pay the admission fee, you can purchase access to the materials and the web application by completing the order form.

Purchase materials

Cost: 50 GBP + 20 % VAT

Payment is accepted by credit cards (via the Stripe platform) or by bank transfer.  Access to the materials is provided upon receipt of payment and creation of a personal user account.

The conference materials will be published on or after 7 December and feature:

– Presentation slides (in pdf)
– Video recording of the Conference sessions
– Photos of the event
– Access to the list and profiles of the Conference participants via web application *
– Ability to chat and schedule one on one meetings with the Conference participants via the web application

NB: The application will be operational within three weeks after the event