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27 November 2023 London, UK

The conference is held under the general theme “Sustainable Mining in Central Asia, Mongolia & Europe”

Established in 2012, the MINEX Eurasia Conference is the UK’s premier event focused on Mining Trends and Investment opportunities in Eurasia (Europe, Central Asia and Mongolia). The conference is aimed at the UK and International mining & metals companies, investors, financiers, government regulators, and service providers.

The 10th MINEX Eurasia Mining Conference was held on 28 November 2022 in London drawing from the experience of industry experts, senior officials, and companies who were discussing changes, challenges, and business opportunities in the mining industry in Central Asia, Mongolia, and mining hotspots in Ukraine.

The conference brought together participants from 89 companies from 11 countries. Review MINEX Eurasia 2022 statistics here.

The 11th MINEX Eurasia Conference will be held in London on 27 November 2023.  To learn about speaking and sponsorship opportunities, please contact the MINEX Forum secretariat.


Mining Spotlights

Scythian Mining Group


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Who takes part in MINEX Eurasia?

Major International mining companies

State-owned mining and metals companies and JVs

Mining companies carrying out exploration projects

Commodity traders

Private equity funds

Mining consulting and engineering companies

Institutional and Strategic investors

Investment banks

Mining equipment and technology suppliers

Senior Government officials

International Media and NGOs

Law, accounting and insurance firms

In-person participants

Countries %

Seniority %

United Kingdom 59%
Mongolia 12%
Other Countries 6%
Kazakhstan 5%
Uzbekistan 4%
Australia 3%
Canada 3%
U.S.A 3%
Albania 2%
Kyrgyzstan 2%
Ukraine 1%
  • Decision Makers
  • Other

Industry sectors %

  • Mining & Exploration
  • Consulting
  • Finance & Investment
  • Government agencies and organisations
  • Other
  • Legal services
  • Engineering
  • IT & Software
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Equipment producers
  • Metals exporters
  • PR, IR & Media

MINEX Eurasia 2022 highlights

Reasons for participation


If your company is looking for the opportunities to reach out to the UK and international audience with business interests in mining in Central Asia and Europe, MINEX Eurasia conference is your “must” event. MINEX Eurasia is the only mining and investment annual conference in the UK, focused on mining trends and commercial opportunities in these regions. Organised in London since 2012 it brings together senior representatives of the international banks, stock and commodity exchanges, trading companies, strategic investors, government agencies, consultants, and technology providers. Live streaming of the Conference and post-event distribution of presented materials to the subscribers of the MINEX Forum, enhance the outreach of your presentation to Global audiences.

Book presentation at MINEX Eurasia before 1 October.


We invite companies and organisations working in the mining industry in Central Asia, Mongolia and Europe to support the Forum as sponsors. Sponsorship status is a distinguished sign of the company’s leadership aspirations and high professional standing in the Eurasia mining industry. Sponsorship offers companies exclusive engagement and visibility opportunities at this premier mining event. Our wide range of sponsorship packages are tailored for companies keen on projecting their leading or proactive role in the mining sector. Choose from our Main, Gold, Silver, Bronze sponsorship packages. Program Sponsorship provides companies with the opportunity to participate in agenda development, organising presentations, selecting speakers and audience engagement. Stand out and enhance brand visibility by sponsoring mobile application, delegate bags, notepads, pens, badges and lanyards, etc.


If you work in the mining industry and want to keep up with the developments in the Central Asia and Europe, MINEX Eurasia is “not to be missed`` event for you and your business. Besides learning about potential opportunities, here you can meet with the UK and international companies and delegations who travel to London to establish new contacts and businesses. Networking events combined with the bespoke mobile application released few days ahead of the event will help you to search attendees by industry, job title, interests and secure personal meetings. The application will be functioning for around a week after the conference allowing participants who have missed each other to chat and meet privately. After the conference you will also be able to access video recording of the presentations and slides.

Register before 15 September to pay the 2021 prices


The conference will feature presentation of investment projects and important changes in the government FDI policies aimed at attracting foreign investors and financiers to facilitate the development of mining projects across the Eurasian continent. Buy-side investors will have an opportunity to schedule private meetings with the incoming regional delegations and private and listed mining companies to learn about new projects and incentives. Buy-side investors who are not able to attend the conference in-person, will have the opportunity to watch it remotely and will receive access to the video recordings of the presentations and slides. Remote meetings will presenting companies and incoming delegations could also be organised via a video link on request.

Register here before 1 October to reserve free investor pass.


Mining and Technology Companies interested in organising corporate presentations at the conference are invited to submit applications before 1 October. For terms and benefits, please refer to the following information.

Individual proposals from speakers should be submitted before 1 October. Read more about presentation opportunities and review the agenda.

Delegate registration is open online. Register before 15 September to pay the 2021 rates.

themes and features

The Ukraine-Russia conflict, the rising energy costs, and the disruption of international logistics and supply chains have severely affected mining operations across the Eurasian continent and other parts of the world. To maintain production targets and commitments, in 2022 the mining industry in Central Asia and Europe went through a major overhaul which opened new opportunities for wider cooperation with the global markets.

The conference will offer an opportunity for presentation of investment projects and changes in the FDI policies aimed at the development of mining hotspots across the Eurasian continent. The Conference will also feature cases of industry transformation aimed at improving operational efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and creating sustainable social relations in extractive sectors.

This event will draw from the experience of over 30 industry experts, senior officials and companies who will discuss the changes, challenges and opportunities in the mining industry in Central Asia, Mongolia and mining hotspots in Europe.

Investors and Supply chain companies (who have booked company presentation or sponsorship packages) will have an opportunity to schedule private meetings with the incoming regional delegations and network with their peers at this key Eurasian Mining Trade and Investment event which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Geopolitics and its impact on present
and the future of mining in Eurasia


The Ukraine-Russia conflict, the rising energy costs, the disruption of international logistics and supply chains have severely affected mining operations across Eurasian continent and other parts of the world. To maintain production targets and commitments, in 2022 the mining industry went through major overhaul which also opens opportunities for wider cooperation with the global markets.

Read more

  • How has the Ukraine-Russia conflict impacted mining in Central Asia states and what steps the businesses and the local governments are taking to circumvent them?
  • How the companies are mitigating operational challenges caused by disrupted supply chains, adverse exchange rates, and increases in energy prices and the cost of other raw materials.
  • What opportunities are arising for international investors and supply chain companies in the region?
  • Mitigating the impact of geopolitical risks from exploration to production and delivery to the customers.

Securing the supply of critical materials
from Central Asia, Mongolia, and Europe


The energy transition is causing a surge in demand for minerals for clean energy technologies. As Russia’s and China’s dominant role as the global suppliers of these raw materials is diminishing due to sanctions and trade disputes, Central Asia, Mongolia and some European countries are likely to become new hotspots for mineral extraction and a major global supplier of selected critical materials for clean energy technologies.

Read more

  • Mining spotlights and company presentations

Outsourcing finance
for mining projects


In the current geopolitical environment, Russia’s and China’s status as the dominant foreign business partners and financiers could diminish in Central Asia and other regions. This creates opportunities for major international firms to increase their presence as key suppliers to mining modernisation and exploration projects across the Eurasian continent.

Read more

  • An overview of foreign investment trends in mining in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Europe.
  • A closer look at major investment opportunities and the risks they entail.
  • Syndicate financing examples in the mining sector in the region.
  • Green finance projects and the ESG role in mining financing.
  • Opportunities for export finance.
  • Mining IPOs pipeline.
  • Raising capital in London and other international markets – what has changed in terms of procedures and investor expectations since 2021?

The present and the future
of low carbon mining in Eurasia


The global energy transition based on the principles of decarbonization, technological modernization and integration of ESG principles into corporate governance processes underline long-term economic development strategies of many countries. Achieving a low carbon emission status in mining requires rethinking and redesign at all levels from operations to capital expenditure and corporate governance.

Read more

• Where are the key opportunities for reducing emissions in mining?
• What commitments mining companies are making to reducing carbon emissions?
• What are the operational challenges of decarbonisation of mining operations?
• Potential for using renewable energy and other technologies.
• Emissions Trading Schemes and other incentives.


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