The Russia-Ukraine conflict, the rising energy costs, and the disruption of international logistics and supply chains have severely affected mining operations across the Eurasian continent and other parts of the world. To maintain production targets and commitments the mining industry went through a major overhaul which also opens opportunities for wider cooperation with global markets.

  • How has the Ukraine-Russia conflict impacted mining in Central Asian states, Mongolia, and what steps are the businesses, and the local governments taking to circumvent them?
  • Update on FDI policies and priorities
  • What opportunities are arising for international investors and supply chain companies in the region?
  • Mitigating the impact of geopolitical risks from exploration to production and delivery to the customers.

Principal Mining Engineer
SRK Consulting (UK)


09:40 - Geopolitics and its impact on the present and future of mining in Kazakhstan

Director of Analysis
PRISM Political Risk Management

09:55 - Kazakhstan: facilitation of investment in mining industry

GRATA International

10:10 - Overview of FDI activity in the mining industry in Uzbekistan and future investor scenarios

Managing Partner
Strategic Solutions

The energy transition is causing a surge in demand for minerals for clean energy technologies. As Russia’s and China’s dominance as the global suppliers of these raw materials is diminishing due to sanctions and trade disputes, Central Asia, Mongolia and some European countries are likely to become new hotspots for mineral extraction and a major global supplier of selected critical materials for clean energy technologies.

  • Mining and Renewable energy infrastructure projects 
  • Mining spotlights and company presentations  

Managing Director & Principal Consultant
SRK Consulting (UK)


11:00 - Large-scale transformation of Navoi Mining & Metallurgical Company

Chief Transformation Officer
Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Company

11:10 - NGMK Mineral Base strategy

Director for Mineral Resources
Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Company

11:20 - ION Energy – Mongolia’s First Lithium Brine Explorer & Developer

CEO & Director
ION Energy

11:35 - Why Central Asia is so Rich in Resources

Managing Director
Scythian Mining Group

11:50 - Improving Environmental and Economic aspects through Process Innovation.

Director and Metallurgical Engineering Consultant
Oriel Resources

12:00 - Improving Environmental and Economic aspects through Process Innovation.

Managing Director
Bara Consulting

12:10 - Kounrad - a low-cost, highly profitable copper producer in Kazakhstan

Central Asia Metals

• How the companies are mitigating operational challenges caused by disrupted supply chains, adverse exchange rates, and increases in energy prices?
• Meeting ESG and Climate change commitments.
• Securing the supply of critical raw materials to global markets.
• Enabling traceability and product provenance in raw material supply chains.

Corporate Consultant
SRK Consulting (UK)

CEO & Director
ION Energy


Investor Relations and Corporate Development

Director, Corporate Governance & Company Secretary
Polymetal International

Chief Transformation Officer
Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Company

CEO & Founder

Director for Mineral Resources
Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Company

In the current geopolitical environment, Russia’s and China’s status as the dominant foreign business partners and financiers could diminish in Central Asia and other regions. This creates opportunities for major international firms to increase their engagement in mining modernisation and exploration projects across the Eurasian continent.

• An overview of foreign investment in mining in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.
• Mining IPOs pipeline.
• What alternative sources of finance are available to mining companies operating projects in Eurasia?
• Export finance opportunities.
• A closer look at major investment opportunities and the risks they entail.
• What geopolitical discount investors are expecting in the regions?
• Central Asia and Middle East collaboration in the mining sector: investment, security of supply, ESG and operational best practices.
• Investing in “Environmentally sustainable” businesses.
• Application of the EU Taxonomy Regulation to the mining, metals and minerals sector.
• Green finance projects and the ESG role in mining financing.

Senior Consultant
Norton Rose Fulbright

Head of Europe, Primary Markets
London Stock Exchange

Global Head of Origination
UK Export Finance

Managing Director & Partner of Denham Mining Fund
Denham Capital

Senior Partner
Embellie Advisory

The global energy transition based on the principles of decarbonization, technological modernization and integration of ESG principles into corporate governance processes underline long-term economic development strategies of many countries. Achieving a low carbon emission status in mining requires rethinking and redesign at all levels from operations to capital expenditure and corporate governance.  

  • Where are the key opportunities for reducing emissions in mining? 
  • What commitments mining companies are making to reducing carbon emissions?  
  • What are the operational challenges of decarbonisation of mining operations?  
  • Potential for using renewable energy and other technologies.  
  • Emissions Trading Schemes and other incentives.  

Responsible Mining Lead
Department for International Trade


15:00 - Meeting the challenge of decarbonising mining

Principal Mining Engineer
SRK Consulting (UK)

15:15 - Almalyk Mining & Metallurgical Complex on the Road to Transformation

Deputy Chairman of the Board
Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex

15:30 - Technical modernisation for reducing emissions in mining

Strategic development and Project Management Director
Polymetal Eurasia

15:45 - Beyond Mining. Remine to regenerate.

CEO and Founder

Global Head of Mining
International Finance Corporation

Head of Sustainable Business, Industry, Agri and Commerce