Simon Glancy


Managing Partner
Strategic Solutions

Simon Glancy is the Managing Partner of Strategic Solutions llp, a consulting firm based in Almaty, Kazakhstan that advises global investors, donors and governments on doing business in Central Asia & the Caucuses. Our client service lines include supporting clients in new business development, political and investment risk, transaction due diligence and tender investigations. Simon has nearly 30 years' experience of working in the region and clients have included several global mining groups.

Session 1: Impact of geopolitics on mining in Central Asia
28 November 2022 / 09:40 - 10:40 |

Overview of FDI activity in the mining industry in Uzbekistan and future investor scenarios

This presentation will look at the success of Uzbekistan to date in attracting FDI into the mining industry and the potential impact of evolving geopolitical events on foreign investor scenarios.