Session 1: Impact of geopolitics on mining in Central Asia


Session 1: Impact of geopolitics on mining in Central Asia

09:40 – 10:40 / 28 November 2022  

The Russia-Ukraine conflict, the rising energy costs, and the disruption of international logistics and supply chains have severely affected mining operations across the Eurasian continent and other parts of the world. To maintain production targets and commitments the mining industry went through a major overhaul which also opens opportunities for wider cooperation with global markets.

  • How has the Ukraine-Russia conflict impacted mining in Central Asian states, Mongolia, and what steps are the businesses, and the local governments taking to circumvent them?
  • Update on FDI policies and priorities
  • What opportunities are arising for international investors and supply chain companies in the region?
  • Mitigating the impact of geopolitical risks from exploration to production and delivery to the customers.

David Pearce
Principal Mining Engineer
SRK Consulting (UK)

09:40 Geopolitics and its impact on the present and future of mining in Kazakhstan

Benjamin Godwin
Director of Analysis
PRISM Political Risk Management

09:55 - Kazakhstan: facilitation of investment in mining industry

Almat Daumov
GRATA International

10:10 - Overview of FDI activity in the mining industry in Uzbekistan and future investor scenarios

Simon Glancy
Managing Partner
Strategic Solutions