Presentation opportunities


Presentation opportunities
MINEX Eurasia 2022

MINEX Eurasia offers a wide range of opportunities for speakers and companies to share knowledge, strategies, new concepts, case studies and projects related to mining development in Central Asia, Mongolia, and Europe.

Please review the Speaking and Corporate presentation terms and application forms below.

Companies from all sectors of the mining, technology and finance
are invited to present, including:

Major International mining companies

National mining champions

State-owned mining & metals companies and JVs

Institutional and Strategic Investors

Private equity funds with investment portfolio in mining and extractive industries

Mining companies carrying out exploration projects in Central Asia, Mongolia, Caucasus, Caspian region, and Europe

Mining equipment and technology suppliers

Investment and Export-Finance Banks

Project and Stream finance companies

Stock and Commodity Exchanges

Mining analysts

Mining consulting and engineering companies


Senior Government officials

Law, accounting and insurance firms

Media and NGOs

Terms of participation

Corporate presentations, Speakers and Panellists

Corporate Presentation

Corporate Presentation

Package cost: 1,500 GBP + 20% VAT

Package includes:

  • A 10-15 minute in-person or remote (via Zoom) presentation at the conference.
  • Optional participation of presenter or company representative in the follow-up panel discussion.
  • 2 complimentary admission passes for the entire conference (one for the presenter and one for your company representative).
  • An opportunity to schedule 1-2-1 meetings ahead of the conference using the MINEX Forum mobile app.
  • An opportunity for the distribution of promotional materials at the conference.
  • Logo and company description on the conference website.
  • An opportunity to publish a brief article about the company or projects on the Conference website.
  • Logo and company description in the Conference catalogue.
  • Video-recording of the presentation.
  • Dissemination of the video recording of the presentation and slides to all conference attendees after the event.
  • Promotion of the presentation (as part of the post-event materials) to MINEX Forum global email subscription list.
Speaker or Panelist

Speaker or Panelist

Submit speaker proposal


In-person participation. Speakers presenting on behalf of commercial organisations and wishing to attend the Conference in person are expected to pay the admission fee. Speakers representing exhibitors, sponsors, and partners, as well as speakers who have received a guest pass from the Forum secretariat, are exempt from paying the fee.

Online participation. Applications from speakers interested in presenting remotely are considered on a case-by-case basis. For further information please email

Payment. Payments in foreign currency are accepted by Advantix Ltd (UK) via bank transfer or credit card (payments will be processed through Stripe).

Cancellations and replacements. In case of cancellation up to 15 calendar days prior to the event, paid registration fee will be refunded minus 20% to cover administrative costs. In case of cancellation of participation less than 15 calendar days before the start of the event, the registration fee is not refundable. Participants can be replaced at any time at no additional cost. All cancellations must be submitted to

Secure presentation slot

Submit application before 21 October

How the conference
is organised

MINEX Eurasia 2022 – London + Online

The conference is organised in a hybrid format connecting remote and in-person participants. Speakers and panellists will be presenting in person and remotely.

The conference will be organised in English. Non-English speakers presenting in person will be able to bring along an interpreter and present in a consecutive format.

Access to the coference sessions as well as a web application and live broadcasts is provided exclusively to registered participants. Remote viewers will be able to watch the live broadcast of the sessions and send questions to presenters via online chat.

Frequently asked questions

What technical assistance is provided to speakers presenting in-person?

Speakers using slides are expecting to submit them prior to the event (please see the materials submission requirements above) as they need to be discussed with conference moderator/s and tested on our Audio-Visual systems. All submitted slides will be preloaded on our PCs and ready for the presentation. Speakers presenting in-person will be able to demonstrate slides using a clicker either standing at the lectern or seating at the head table.  Alternatively, our technician will be able to change slides on your prompt. Slides can be presented with the in-built videos, animations, and sound.

How remote presentations are organised?

We will be using ZOOM for organising live remote presentations. Speakers will be able to share their presentations using the “screen share” function. Prior to the presentation our technicians will contact you at a convenient time to test the connection and provide technical training if required. To avoid connection issues during live event we strongly recommend pre-recording your presentation so it could be played in case the connection is disrupted or unstable.

How long should be my presentation?

The exact time of each presentation will be confirmed in the final agenda. Corporate presentations should be aimed for 10 – 15 minutes or about 10-20 PowerPoint slides.  Keynote and speaker presentations should not exceed 20 minutes or about 15-30 slides.

Can I present using my laptop or device?

We would prefer that you were presenting using our system as connecting your laptop or device could take time and potentially disrupt the set-up of presentation equipment. If the use of your device is essential for your presentation, we will need to test it prior to the event. Please contact us at least 5 working before the event to plan the test.

How do you organise panel discussions?

Panel discussions are led by the moderators who contact all panellists before the event and pre-agree on the discussion topics and questions. At the live event, a moderator will invite panellists to answer questions in the pre-agreed order and will handle questions from the audience and remote viewers.

How do you manage Q&As?

At the end of each session, panel discussion, or keynote, we often allocate some time for answering questions from the audience. Please refer to the finalised agenda for more details and timing. In-person attendees can ask questions using rowing microphones. Remote viewers, watching a live broadcast of the conference, can send questions to individual presenters or the whole panels via online chat. All chat questions are pre-viewed by the moderators who then ask presenters to answer the most relevant and interesting question during a live debate or Q&A time. All participants can also send questions to presenters before, during, and after the event using the contact form published in the online profile of presenters. After initial scanning, legitimate questions will be forwarded to presenters via email by organisers.

Are you recording presentations?

We will be video recording all presentations and panel discussions. After editing, videos will be published online with the slides and other materials and available to all registered participants via their personal accounts on the conference website.

Will there be a flash photography?

We will have a professional photographer and videographer who will be taking photos (sometimes using flash) of presenting speakers, panel discussions, audience questions, and networking events. The photographer will limit the use of flash to a bare minimum and will do his best to distract the audience from the conference. The photos will be edited and published in low resolution on the conference website. High-resolution photos can be provided on request after the event.

What materials will be available after the conference?

The conference materials will be published on or after 20 December and made evaluable to all registered participants, sponsors, presenters, registered investors, sponsored guests, accredited journalists, and event partners. The materials will include the video recordings of the conference sessions as well as presentation slides and photos taken during the event.

Can I invite guests to my presentation?

If you represent a sponsor or booked a corporate presentation, please check your agreement which stipulates the number of admission tickets that you can share with your guests. Alternatively, you can invite your guests, colleagues, and social media contacts to watch a live broadcast. Free of charge pre-registration is required. Here is link to the viewer registration form.

Do you have a private meeting room available to speakers and panellists?

A small room located next to the main hall could be used for ad-hoc meetings throughout the day. No pre-booking is required. For further information please contact MINEX Eurasia welcome desk on the conference day.

What information can I share on my social media accounts?

Closer to the event we will provide you with the bespoke web banner featuring your presentation at the conference. Please feel free to post the banner on your social media together with the information about your presentation and the conference brief. Please note that only registered participants will be able to access video recordings and presentation materials after the conference. All materials are copyright protected and written consent is required for publishing or sharing them in any format. Please use contact forms located in speaker profiles to request distribution permissions. 

Can I distribute my presentation materials at the conference?

You can print several copies of your presentation slides and leave them with MINEX Eurasia welcome desk on the day of the conference. If you have booked a corporate presentation or represent a company that is sponsoring the event, please refer to the terms of the agreement regarding what materials you can distribute and where. 

How can I attract attention to my presentation?

The conference website is a very powerful information platform read by hundreds and often thousands of unique viewers each day.  Speakers and panellists will be to publish a post about their presentation which will be added to the news section on the homepage of the conference website. Instructions on how to create and publish the post will be sent to you with the confirmation of your presentation.

Requirements for
the presentation materials

Please submit presentation slides before 24 November to

Presentation slides are accepted in PowerPoint (PPTX).  Slides must be prepared in standard 4:3 screen dimension. Slides exceeding 20 Megabyte or containing videos, background music, or speeches should be uploaded to a cloud-sharing storage (e.g OneDrive, Google Drive, etc) and submitted as downloadable links. In cases where presenters are unable to attend the event in person or remotely, they may pre-record their presentation on YouTube or Vimeo and send the video file link to

Speaker or Panelist

Submit the application form by 21 October

Corporate presentation

Submit the form by 21 October