ION Energy – Mongolia’s First Lithium Brine Explorer & Developer

Ali Haji – CEO & Director, ION Energy presented ION Energy at the session “Securing supply of metals and critical raw materials from Eurasia”.

ION Energy is Mongolia’s first lithium brine explorer and developer, with licences spanning a combined landmass of over 110,000 hectares. ION Energy is a fully funded company with first-mover advantage in mineral rich Mongolia. Since 2017, when the company’s seasoned co-founders recognised that our world was on the verge of a Green Revolution, ION Energy has pursued an aggressive growth strategy.

In his presentation, Ali has spoken about geopolitical, social, and geological aspects of Mongolia.
He also provided detailed updates on ION Energy’s current operations in Mongolia as well as some very significant copper and nickel anomalies on surface.

Geopolitically Mongolia is sandwiched by China and Russia. But the good thing about Mongolia and where it stands is it is neutral. Which makes it an ideal buffer zone. Mongolian Government also provides various support for investor from outside the country.