Meeting the challenge of decarbonising mining

David Pearce – Principal Mining Engineer, SRK Consulting (UK)

Mining requires a significant amount of energy to break, move, and crush rock as well as to produce the chemicals needed to concentrate minerals and, where necessary, to convert minerals into metal. Often, creating this energy generates significant emissions.

The mining industry is under a lot of pressure to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions it emits.

In his presentation David outlined practical steps to reduce the energy required as well as the carbon emissions produced by mines. He also talked about what is possible within the Central Asian context and what steps can be taken by mining companies as they develop.

When it comes to emissions reductions – mining industry has one of the most ambitious targets among other industries. And there are many challenges and opportunities that come with this aim, especially for Central Asian market.

When it comes to the renewable energy – Central Asia has lot of opportunities for wind and solar power generation. However, setting up alternative energy sources are associated with high costs. And that is why “drivers” are needed for the transformation to happen. It could be the mining companies that address the Government and say, “we need this” and banks saying, “this is how we can fund this”.

“There is plenty of opportunities in the Central Asian market. The key thing is to think about it. – Said David in conclusion.