Why Central Asia is so Rich in Resources

Barry Davis – Managing Director, Scythian Mining Group

Barry Davis provided an overview of mining in Central Asia as well as why and how Scythian Mining Group operates in the region and especially in Kazakhstan.

“They have fantastic geology and the world’s largest in deposits”, – says Barry. He then continues providing more highlights on the benefits of working in Kazakhstan. Some of these are:

  • The cost of discovery in Central Asia per ounce is very low
  • The legislation country risk is low, particularly after Kazakhstan adopted a more Western approach in the reporting system as well as the application for licences.
  • Modern expression technology is also improving
  • Competitive foreign investment

Central Asia is right in the middle of the world’s premier gold production and has the potential to become one of the gold producers in the world.

In his presentation, Barry shared some useful insights into Scythian Mining Group’s operations in Kazakhstan and spoke about some geological aspects of the country.

“We believe in the clean mining approach”, – Highlighted Barry, concluding his presentation.