Expert Views on Industrial Transformation

Media Project

Media project “Expert Views on Industrial transformation” provides an open platform for discussing ongoing structural changes and presenting the views on industrial transformation for the next 10 to 20 years.

Unlike the previous stages, the industrial transformation taking place before our eyes affects almost all areas of production, changing its structure and vectors of development.

With the introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies, even small companies can compete with world leaders. To take advantage of the dividends offered by new technologies, a coordinated approach is needed for the step-by-step modernisation of operations, focused on rethinking the production processes of a plant, factory, mine, and other business assets.

Managers, in addition to solving current production problems, ought to systematically develop a system of competencies to ensure stability, competitiveness, and the future of the business.

Call on Experts

Experts are cordially invited to share insights into how the industry is changing and what opportunities are emerging with the advent of new technologies and changing market conditions. Please submit your articles, reviews, and topics for discussion online and at the MINEX Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan, MINEX Russia Forum, and Smart Industry conference in Moscow.

Video Materials

Uzbekistan’s mining leaders’ investment debut in London

MINEX Eurasia conference became the first international event introducing the transformation of two major mining companies from Uzbekistan Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Company (NGMK) and Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Company (AMMC).

MINEX Eurasia 2022 highlights

89 companies and organisations from 11 countries joined the 10th MINEX Eurasia Mining Conference held in London on 28 November 2022. 

Over 30 mining leaders, industry experts and senior officials discussed the changes, challenges, and opportunities in the mining industry in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, and Ukraine.

Almalyk Mining & Metallurgical Complex on the Road to Transformation

At the end of the presentation Abdulla Azizov invited investors to take part in the international tenders for the right to use subsoil plots and strategic types of minerals organised by the Government’s Geology Committee

NGMK Mineral Base strategy

NGMK’s mineral resources development strategy is aimed at increasing total resources and confidence in the mineral resource base.

The company is carrying out internal training and retraining programs to increase the quality of the resource and reserves estimation using 3D modelling, among many other technologies.

The company plans to validate its resource base with internal and independent audits and also to extend the existing deposits.

Transformation program of Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Company

Eugene Antonov, Chief Transformation Officer of Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Company presented transition plans one of the largest mining enterprises in Central Asia. Until recently, like many other state-owned companies, NGMK has been closed and tightly regulated.

Improving Environmental and Economic aspects through Process Innovation. Oriel Resources.

Oriel Resources and Bara are well placed to assist potential clients who want to use this technology to reduce overall power consumption and carbon footprints of mining in Central Asia and other parts of the World.

Meeting the challenge of decarbonising mining

In his presentation, David outlined practical steps to reduce the energy required as well as the carbon emissions produced by mines. He also talked about what is possible within the Central Asian context and what steps can be taken by mining companies as they develop.

Beyond Mining. Remine to regenerate.

Reimagining brownfield projects – just transition towards cleaner and more inclusive future

Improving Environmental and Economic aspects through Process Innovation. Bara Consulting

In his presentation Dr Andrew Bamber has spoken about process innovations for reducing footprint at mining operations and ShovelSense Technology which is used to take measurements of the grade of the material loaded in the shovel as it’s loaded into the shovel. The technology integrates very well with normal mind control systems